Free Webinar – GROUNDED AND EMPOWERED: Revitalize Your Feminine Energy Body

Are you fueling your energetic foundation?
As women, we’ve carried the energetic burden of these times — and now more than ever, we must learn to energetically ground and empower ourselves.
Learn how to activate your foundational energy centers and gain a new perspective on your feminine power in the LIVE workshop.


The Patriarchy and Persecution Energy Healing

Sponsored by Heal Your Heart as part of the Sacred Body Events series, in this free webinar Lisa and host Melissa Rebronja Henshall will discuss...


Chakra Empowerment For Women 3 Month Intensive

Lisa will offer her groundbreaking 3 month course on Chakra Empowerment For Women again January 26th-April 20 2021. Receive guidance and support on utilizing the...